Armenian Spatial Imaginaries

Design for Social Justice, Embroidery Art, Research-creation, Textile Art

Armenian Spatial Imaginaries

Armenian spatial imaginaries reflect on the current entangled understanding of the Armenian geopolitical dilemma. Armenian spatiality has evolved toward an unsettling understanding of what constitutes the present-day Armenian homeland. For centuries, there has been a lack of cohesive consensus about territorial claims, as the land that is now the Republic of Armenia is only a small part of the Ancient lands of Armenians. New alternative narratives are necessary in order to advance a geography of justice. But what designerly means can redefine Armenians’ relationship to their geopolitical realities? In this project, I investigate ways in which thought can be translated into thread to convey emotional diasporic knowledge through critical materiality. Using design fictions, alternative spatial narratives are conjectured to construct multi-layered Armenian landscapes that span beyond geographical coordinates. A new Armenian sense of place emerges culturally coded with nostalgic spatial information such as mountains, valleys, rivers, people and animals that are typically imprinted in the diasporic Armenian consciousness as sights of their ancient homeland.


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