The Leftovers of the Sword

Design for Social Justice, Research-creation, Wearable Technologies

The Leftovers of the Sword

“The Leftovers of the Sword” is a sonic wearable that synthesizes sound and narration through magnetic fabric speakers to evoke an embodied commemorative experience by contextualizing Armenian Genocidal histories on the clothed body. Inspired from the traditional Kepenek – a Turkish shepherd’s outer cloak/tent, this work is a sleeveless large garment that is felted by hand and covers the whole body from head down. The lapels of the garment are adorned with soft switches that allow the wearer to trigger, activate and manipulate sound. As such, textiles act as an interface to mediate an intimate tactile and sonic experience that immerses the wearer in the universe of Hidden Armenians.
The interplay between textiles and the agential properties of sound creates a safe “space of appearance” to negotiate these hidden identities. Furthermore, hearing becomes an embodied form of listening activism as it exposes the interred cultural stigma. Sound and spoken word carry the invisible struggle of Hidden Armenians and articulate difficult truths otherwise not known and not apparent. 

Photography: Agustina Isidori
Model: Ceyda Yolgörmez

Listen to a part of the sonic excerpt here.


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