The Armenian Culture Kit

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The Armenian Culture Kit


The Armenian Culture Kit is a time capsule that embeds an assemblage of discursive elements of national identity and a sociomaterial understanding of Armenian cultural histories. The Armenian Culture Kit is a means to document collective cultural memoirs and diverse moments in history by juxtaposing factual narratives with physical objects to instigate prevalent Armenian beliefs, memories and practices. 

Inspired from Fluxkits, the kit was designed to be a cultural probe that facilitates cultural discourse and distributes some tools to preserve, sustain and perpetuate Armenian culture. 

The wooden box contains a book entitled Hishatakaran and a pastiche of Armenian literature (poems and proverbs), mythology (myth of origin, legends, gods and heroes), history, geography (symbolic places that carry notions of national identity, homeland and lost lands), food, music, dance, opera, ballet and art.



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