Gender Dictionary – قاموس الجندر

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Gender Dictionary – قاموس الجندر

The Gender Dictionary is a practical bilingual dictionary which examines the definitions, history and localized usages of gender terms and concepts and how they “traveled” transnationally. It is constituted of 25 entries organized in alphabetical order with their equivalent and definitions in both Arabic and English. Each entry or definition proposes a general presentation of the term, a synthetic overview of its inherent debates with a focus on its local usages and understandings from a feminist perspective. 

We developed a visual identity for the publication and its marketing tools such as posters, e-flyers and social media campaigns. In addition, we chose to visually explore 5 words from the book through hand-made collages. The words are: Cisgender, MSM(men who have sex with men), Orgasm, Queer and STD (sexually transmitted diseases). 

The book is available in pdf format online for download here.


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