COVID-19 in Lebanon: Perceptions and Behaviors

Communication Strategy, Data visualization, Infographic

COVID-19 in Lebanon: Perceptions and Behaviors

In Lebanon, the COVID-19 pandemic comes amidst an already arduous multi-faceted political and economic crisis. The country has been stuck in political deadlock for several months following a popular uprising that started on October 17, 2019. In this difficult environment, the first COVID-19 confirmed case was recorded on February 21,2020. Right after, the Government imposed strict measures, namely closure of educational institutions, announcement of “Public Mobilization”, closure of the airport, ban on public gatherings, and restricting mobility. These measures kept the number of new cases at a low range.

In this infographic, we explore statistics extrapolated from published articles, reports, and documents that address different aspects related to COVID-19 globally and in Lebanon. By analyzing the perceptions and behaviors of the Lebanese towards COVID-19, the goal of this infographic is to identify the main indicators for behavioral change that can be assessed in the Lebanese context. 

We designed and developed the infographic in English and Arabic, along with a bilingual social media campaign on Instagram.


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